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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Jan Warner

Courtney is a beauty vlogger and has been for 3 years. When she went to the ER because she thought she was dehydrated, they did an MRA to check her vessels because they noticed her speech was a little messed up. They saw a shadow on her brain and did an MRI to confirm there was a golf ball size tumor that had been there possibly 5-10 years in her speech region. She decided to tell her followers that she was going to be having surgery and would be away for about 6 weeks and told them why. She had surgery and they could only remove 95% of it because of it’s location. After surgery it was found to be Grade 3 cancer and she needed 33 days of radiation. After a few weeks people were asking how she was and Courtney decided to do a video to let them know. It took her hours to edit the video because she didn’t remember anything but she did it! They were relieved to know she was ok and prayers were sent from tons of people around the world. Although Courtney wasn’t feeling great she continued keeping her followers updated because she said she knew other people might have to go through the same thing and she wanted them to know what to expect. She also had a resident film her side of the surgery. At first the surgery was too hard for her to watch and she was going to delete it, then a few days later she knew it would help others to see it. She did 8 videos about her journey in all, including her hair loss. Courtney was a warrior through it all and although it was hard, making the videos for others to see was very therapeutic for her. She always said that she had no idea what was going to happen but now people will if they watch the videos and if she can do it, others can too! I am happy to say that the MRI is clear and she can resume her life. The staff at Henry Ford Detroit is amazing and I thank them everyday for all they do!