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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Cyndy, Casey and Shay Miles

Our good friend Craig was diagnosed with a racket ball sized Meningioma in September of 2014. He was on a road trip with his dog Sophie when he had a seizure. His first memory was the ENT’s saying “he’s back again”. The ENT’s began asking him questions like if he knew who and where he was, why he was on a road trip with his dog, what were his plans, etc. When they asked him if he knew who the President was, he told them with a very straight face, “everyone knows it’s Grover Cleveland.” He doesn’t remember much after that. He was transported to the hospital where a CT was done and his brain tumor was discovered. He had surgery at Swedish where he remained for a week. He then had two weeks of Cyberknife radiation treatments to take care of the remaining tumor that could not be removed surgically. Postoperatively, he had seizures while they were trying to regulate his medications. He still remains on his seizure medications but is beginning to slowly wean down. He also had to learn how to walk and write again. In 2016, Craig reunited with an old college friend, my husband, Ken Miles. Ken was also managing effects from cancer. Even though decades had gone by, Craig and Ken picked up where they left off, regained a close friendship, and began aiding each other in their challenging journeys with cancer. During recovery, Craig started walking with his dog Sophie. They kept seeing an older gentleman with Parkinson’s out walking. The gentleman became Craig’s inspiration to get serious about his recovery. In 2017, he and Sophie started walking an average of 5 miles per day, every day. Ken passed away in December 2017 from complications of prostate cancer. Today, we walk in honor of him and Craig, a cherished friend to Ken and a continued friend to our family. You inspire us.”