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Keeping the Faith




Cynthia Lynn Koger, one of the strongest woman I know, suffered from an ocular migraine on Easter Sunday of 2012, temporarily loosing her vision. A mother of three, a loving spouse and a prominent figure in the special education department in the Springfield School District, she began her very long and weary trek to what would forever change her life. It was one white sterile room after another as the doctors tried numerous times to figure out what was causing such severe migraines that had been hindering her everyday life. Tests after tests, hospital to hospital, a continuous cycle that led to the harsh news given on a what seemed to be a normal day in early July. A grade 3 glioma had intertwined itself with her left frontal lobe. Not even a month later, she underwent brain surgery to remove most of the tumor, as well as the portion of the brain that it was resided in. It was after this that she had to relearn how to use and control the entire right side of her body, weeks of physical and occupational therapy and what would be years regaining all the cognitive functions that she has lost. Even with the stress, the radiation and the chemotherapy, Cynthia was still was able to laugh and always saw the bright side. She has filled all those around her with hope and pride and she struggled along the path. Even today, you can still hear her laugh with the ones she loves and still marvels at her many blessings. Cynthia Koger, despite everything she’s gone through, still manages to touch the lives of children, volunteering to help teach them to read. She can be found running around with her youngest, 8 year old Garrett and giving loving advise to her two children in college. Dinner is served at night, a room full of conversation and laughter. Yes, despite all the hardships of fighting cancer, my mother is still living her life to the fullest. If I ever grow to be half as strong and as faithful as my mom, I will be truly blessed.