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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Karen Kuryla

Dan’s journey as a brain tumor survivor started in 1999. He was in college and had about one and a half more years towards his Master’s in Physics. He had an astrocytoma and it could not be operated on so he had radiation and chemo. He was in rehab for about 10 months and when he came out got a job in a warehouse. He then went to Kroger’s and has been there for 10 years as of Dec. 2016, He has had 3 tumors in all and is now cancer-free. Everyone says how friendly he is and so willing to help in any way he can. They all love him at Kroger’s and so many people know him where ever he goes. He still lives at home and has short term memory problems. He has trouble with making appointments and medical bills. He is driving now though and has found more freedom than he has had in 17 years. As his parents, we have been very fortunate to have such a good-natured son. We live one day at a time and that has worked out just fine for all of us.

“Dan was a man of great faith; a cheerful, hilarious, brave, hard-working, optimistic, brilliant example of what facing terrible and completely random hardship can be. I adored him. I am so sorry for your loss. We will all miss him.” – Dave Smith, February 2021