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Keeping the Faith




In the fall of 2012 Danny started having some severe headaches. He visited his doctor several times, trying different migraine medications and physical therapy. His headaches continued to worsen, and he started experiencing blurry vision and nausea. On November 30th he had an MRI, and received a phone call an hour later that he needed to return to the doctor’s office immediately. They told us that Danny had a very large mass in his brain. The doctor was amazed at the size of the tumor, and that Danny was functioning normally and not having seizures. Three days later he was admitted to KU Med to have surgery. The surgery was scheduled for Friday, but Danny’s level of consciousness began to deteriorate and he was urgently taken to surgery Wednesday night. Recovery was difficult, since Danny’s tumor was in his frontal lobe the surgery temporarily caused some changes in his personality and behavior. He was strong and worked hard to recover. After the biopsy we learned that his tumor is an anaplastic oligodendroglioma, grade 3. He began radiation and chemotherapy one month after surgery, and he is still continuing chemo every month. His most recent MRI showed that the tumor is shrinking, and that he might need only 2 more months of treatment! We thank God for Danny’s good progress, and continue to pray for complete healing for him. He is back to working with special needs children, showing compassion and placing other’s needs before his own. 
In August we walked in the Head For The Cure in Kansas City and look forward to participating again this year.

Submitted by Ashley Ruegsegger