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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Diane Glascock

David was diagnosed with a GBM 4 August 8th, 2014. He had his 1st craniotomy followed by radiation and chemo.During this he got pneumonia, and next bloodclots in the lung. David’s dr here then sent him to Mayo where he had another craniotomy followed by another round of chemo. During his 2nd round of chemo, he developed a brain bleed and had to have another surgery. He recovered very well. They gave him the summer off, but in September of 2015 they found the cancer growing again. So, he is on chemo again, but the cancer just won’t quit. Through all of this David has had the sweetest best attitude. He doesn’t get angry or mean. He has this “God’s got this” saying, knowing full well what the end results may be. We still pray for a miracle. To have lived past the 14 months that his Dr’s quietly gave him has been a miracle in itself.