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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Janelle Slavick

Dean Slavick (aka Fisherman-Extradinaire) has quite an interesting GBM experience. What cruel irony that for 28 years, he was an RN in the Neuro Intensive Care unit caring for those with GBM, so ignorance has not been in his favor. He is aware of the extremes this cancer goes to trying to wreak havoc on lives, however, he chooses to ignore what he has seen and believes the new treatments and the skill of the CCF care-team (and his new-found faith) will get him through this. He has been fortunate to be able to live life as never before making memories with his children kayaking the Cumberland River, hiking the Smokey Mountains and climbing Angel’s Landing all while being fatigued and nauseous and hauling the TTF around AND facing 2 recurrences. At this moment, he is out ‘running’ so that he can participate in the Head for the Cure event and actually maybe run (some of) it! Keeping the Faith describes Dean perfectly, as he feels blessed beyond measure to be on this path of life during which he became a new man, spiritually. While he hopes for a cure, he is not afraid of what is to come and has been heard to have said that these past two years are the best of his life! No one, really, is more deserving of an award called Keeping the Faith!!