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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Sanjay Bhasme

Deepak is a great source of inspiration to many during his fight with GBM. Not only has he run several full and half marathons since his initial diagnosis, surgery and treatment, but he has also inspired a large group of adults and children in the local community to take up running and he kept this up even when he was going through treatment. He has inspired so many people to take up running and even complete half and full marathons when they never even imagined that they would ever be able to do this. I have been very close to him during his entire cancer journey and continue to be amazed by his fighting spirit and determination. Of course the treatment takes its toll and some days are better than others but he has always bounced back. He is a very quiet and soft-spoken person but everyone who comes in contact with him are just drawn to him and are inspired by him whether they know about his fight with cancer or not. He is truly a gem of a person and continues to do things for others and give back to the community even when he is going through tough times. Hats off to him and his determined and cheerful spirit. He would be a true ambassador for Head For The Cure Foundation and serve as a real inspiration to others who are also going through such a touch journey so I truly wish him all the best and hope that he is recognized by the Keeping The Faith program.