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Keeping the Faith




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“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self discipline and effort” – Jesse Owens I have seen this through Deepak’s passion of running which was a task when he had initially started running. Deepak has always been a great inspiration for us at home. His passion for running sometimes used to drive me crazy, as he used to spend his time mostly running outside and training for his races. This used to be his regular routine. But from past few months I had been busy taking care of Deepak who is in recovery mode yet. Very few of you know that he is recovering from his 2nd Brain surgery, but many are not aware of his health conditions at present. So just wanted to share with you all that Deepak had been diagnosed by GBM brain cancer last year in July. He has been silent about his cancer from past year and had diverted into his running activities and training people in the groups formed by his friends and himself. He is a huge inspiration for all of us at home and for all who knows about his cancer. Last year he recovered pretty fast, but this year he is taking a bit little long. But he is in no way upset about that or in any way feels discouraged. It’s just probably his body needs to rest for a while to kick back to his routine activities. But I truly believe that through all your love and support he will be back to what he loves the most.