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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Harshal Kulkarni

I joined the RTPMM Runners group beginning of this year lead by Deepak and started training myself under his guidance in preparation for Tobacco train half marathon. He gave me confidence and inspired me get get ready in 8 weeks of training to be able to run half marathon in March 2020. Deepak used to be the first person to show up @ 5.30 am in the morning at our designated spot to train people irrespective of low or more number or people. He inspired all first timers and all old school to be able to join practice and running sessions. Like me most of first timers were amazingly got trained by Deepak in 8-10 weeks to be read to participate in marathon. He is a true inspiration and never let his decease or illnes come in way for giving up. A very dedicated, hard working, very well respected and inspirational to many to keep this runners group going. Me and my family wish him speedy recovery for him to be able participate in many many future marathons and be the inspiration to many youths, Adults and the community to get benefit for health with running.