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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Mary Ann

My husband, Dennis Sachtleben, had a seizure in February of 2013 and after surgery was diagnosed with an Oligoastrocytoma tumor Grade 3. We live near St. Louis, so have been going to the Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Great hospital, great doctors and great support there. He was 56 at then and his tumor was very large. It had started in the left front temperal lobe, but crossed the midline over to the right side. He had 4 cycles of PCV chemo treatment with many ups and downs. He finished 33 proton radiation treatments at the new Proton Radiation facility at the Siteman Cancer Institute in April of 2014. Things were good for a year after all treatments were completed, but then a scan in April 2015 showed some new spot. After a biopsy in May, the spots were determined to be radiation necrosis. Throughout all of this, Dennis’ faith has never waivered. His outlook on life has been more positive than ever and he is an inspiration to so many that know him because he never complains or wants for anything other than prayers. I want to nominate him for his unselfish attitude, his relentless positivity and for always keeping the faith. His motto: God is good all the time, even when you are fighting brain cancer!