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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Megan Woodcock

Dennis was diagnosed with glioblastoma in the spring of 2020. Almost exactly 10 years after losing his own father to brain cancer, Dennis had surgery to remove a golf ball sized tumor from his brain. Since then, he has had several treatments including chemo and radiation, and most recently, a second surgery to remove more active tissue. He is currently going through more chemo, and other forms of trial treatments. Through all of this, Dennis’ spirit has not been affected. While some days are harder than others, and the minor challenges of word and memory recall pose some frustrations at times, his lively, happy, and goofy personality still shines through more than anything else. His attitude towards life has changed from already positive and carefree to even more so since being diagnosed. His mental and physical strength has almost baffled practically everyone around him, but for that we are all beyond grateful. I nominate Dennis for this award, not just as his daughter, but as his biggest fan, and as his greatest admirer. The strength he shows is inspiring, and the positivity he emits is contagious. I have never been more proud to be his daughter than I am right now. And I know that whatever challenges my dad faces next will be met with bravery, optimism, and strength beyond imagination.