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Keeping the Faith

derby diane



Submitted by:
Laura Bennack

Diane was diagnosed with Grade 3 GLimoa in Dec of 2016 right after Christmas.The family was gathered at the ranch,but her youngest sister who was hospitalized when she suffered a PE,her third.Diane retreated to her room often that xmas to hide her symptoms beforeshe her to head to the ER after the family dispersed.She underwent surgery year of chemo and of Radiation while traveling to NY to be seen at NYpres for every 3months She was upbeat and positive throughout the three years except for when she realized the radiation caused irreparable damage to her balance language and function.She basically held her 4 sisters and father together saying “i got this for a reason ,and I will not put up with your petty sister fights and arguments.” All follow ups were encouraging up until a few weeks ago when her MRI showed a recurrent mass in another lobe of her brain. Her sisters, husband and father jointly cried and despaired but SHE after taking a single one day to mourn picked herself up and traveled again to NY for an opinion. She was please to not be a candidate for surgery or radiation but agreed to continue her IV Avastin and a new oral drug just approved the week before which showed promising cessation of Tumor growth for 20% of brain tumor patients. as fate would have it her NY oncologist was the lead for this very special very expensive drug trial and approval, what was she worried about? that it would cost too much for her family to pay , which of course was NOT a concern or option. Diane has taught this sister physician such bravery and courage that she herself could not muster. on a flight she reassured ME when the weather was rough..saying after what I have been through this is nothing!!! I will always try to think of her when I fly (my biggest fear ) as I will when my four sisters and myself vacation for NY’s in Newport Beach in her honor..her still confused as to why we will all travel anywhere for her. I love you Diane always and ever ..please find a cure!!