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Keeping the Faith

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Donna Jensen is here against all odds, and she is a true testament to “Keeping the Faith.”

Married with two kids, she was diagnosed with her first malignant brain tumor at the age of 26. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and endured three additional surgeries.

When she went in for the fourth one, the doctors told her that this was the last time they could do surgery; it would eventually cause brain damage. After that came radiation along with warnings of memory loss, hair loss, or even death.

At this point, Donna was 36 and had been living with a brain tumor for 10 years while trying to raise five children. Her son Kyle remembers at the age of eight being at the hospital for his mother’s radiation treatments, and the doctors telling them that the radiation would only slow the growth and that Donna had about two years to live. He remembers being terrified of losing his mother; so much stress for a young child. But there is a happy ending…

Donna Jensen is now 63 years old and has a thriving dog business with world renowned credentials. Her dogs fly all over the world with handlers showing them in almost every show. She has had to fight to stay strong, and her future was always uncertain. She has lived every day like it might be her last, and she has been able to live well beyond what anyone and everyone expected.

She still struggles with energy, headaches, no adrenaline, and other walls. Her only wish was that God would let her witness her youngest daughter have her first child, and it gave her something to fight for. Her youngest daughter now has two children and is expecting a third!

Donna’s son Kyle (who nominated her) described her as a great spokeswoman, her best friend and her mentor. Donna is an inspiration and hopes her own journey can help others out there looking for answers, hope, and a reason to fight.