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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Mary “Molly” Marco

I met Dorothea Billy (AKA “Dottie”) a few years ago at one of the monthly Henry Ford brain patient/caregiver group chats and immediately knew I was meeting a hero. Initially diagnosed with what was thought to be Meningioma, a year or two later– something started to grow and it turned out to be an extremely rare tumor type– Hemangiopericytoma. Like everything else life throws at her, she rolled with it, adjusted, and has become a huge advocate in the brain tumor community. She has a pure joie-de-vivre and passion for life. She is active in the Detroit cycling community and recently began the career she loves–“encouraging, empowering, and providing children mental health services” (her words). Dottie is a gem of a human and is a true embodiment of “Keeping the Faith”.