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Keeping the Faith

Ringo Oncology 2014



Submitted by:
Cris Noll

My boyfriend, Doug Brown, was diagnosed with glioma glioblastoma multiforme in April 2014, after his ophthalmologist recommended an MRI due to changes in his vision. Doug underwent two surgeries to remove the tumor, followed by six weeks of radiation and a year of chemotherapy. These experiences would normally be enough to bring anyone to despair, but not Doug. During his 2nd surgery, for example, the surgeon woke him up to answer questions and perform various mental tasks while they worked on his brain. After a little while, Doug got bored just counting and repeating words, so he joked with the doctors and discussed vacation plans – to liven up the conversation! Doug is naturally very friendly and the sort of person whom everyone remembers, so each doctor check-up is almost like visiting with old friends. After Doug completed his radiation treatment, he presented the hospital staff who took care of him with gifts of bakery cookies, just to say thank-you. He’s also a big music fan and attends lots of concerts every year, so when it was discovered that his Neuro-oncologist, Dr. Merrell shares the same interest, most appointments are spent discussing the latest concerts and recommending music to listen to. Doug even prepared a list of songs for Dr. Merrell to download and share with his young son. And finally, Doug’s positive attitude wasn’t lost on Frieda Kelly, former secretary to the Beatles (yes – them!) in Liverpool, England. Through music conventions, Doug and I met and became friendly with Kelly, who was working on a documentary film about her experience working for the Beatles. Through e-mails, she kept in touch – always wanting to know of Doug’s progress. The ultimate get-well came as an invite to join her to celebrate her 70th birthday, at a big party in Liverpool last summer! So, for his positive, and far-reaching cheery attitude, I nominate Doug Brown for the Keeping the Faith Award.