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Keeping the Faith

Doug, Parents + Sisters



Submitted by:
John + Judy Hoffman

In June of 2007, Doug was busy running his successful construction company specializing in exotic staircases and trim work when he was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since Doug has always had a positive attitude, this was not going to change or slow him down. Doug was the oldest child in the family, that made him the “big brother” and protector of two sisters. One of his sisters, Marybeth said “…he would always stickup for her when she was bullied or if someone picked on her”. This is typical for the Doug Lees we know and love. In addition to his sisters, Doug has two beautiful daughters. After the diagnoses, Doug set some positive goals for himself including: to fight so he could see his daughters graduate from high school, see them married and to hold his grandchildren. Thankfully, Doug has achieved his goals, including recently becoming a Grandpa to his precious Ella. Since his journey with brain cancer, Doug has turned his fight with cancer into something positive by helping other survivors, being a mentor, and giving back to those going through treatment. His parents say “…they are so proud and inspired by Doug”. His sister Kathy says “I think Doug is an example of hope for survivors through his humor, compassion and his way of lightening the mood of the room”. Doug counsels many of the members at Grey Matters, especially the younger members who can relate to him and see hope for themselves. Members fighting brain cancer easily connect with Doug through his strong influence and positive attitude. Doug has even started his own support group within Grey Matters called MOM or “Meeting of the Mindless”. The group consists of male survivors and care givers from Grey Matters who meet once a month for a guy’s day out for lunch when they share, talk and laugh with each other. For all the caring, support, mentoring, inspiration, and many more untold reasons, we would like to recognize and nominate this extraordinary individual Doug Lees for this award.