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Keeping the Faith

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It’s been over two years since we found out my sweet husband had a mass in his brain, immediately having surgery two days later. We had no idea the crazy roller coaster ride we were about to embark on. He’s had two resections since May 2018 and is currently battling another recurrence. Despite all the highs and super low lows, my amazing husband has remained so incredibly strong in his faith, his bravery, and his positive attitude, hope and humor. The glioblastoma diagnosis has taken so much away from him physically and has rocked our family but he has remained such a rock for myself and our boys and shown us what true strength looks like. He has been an inspiration to so many in our community of friends and family and even those that don’t even know him well, he’s that kind of a guy… one of a kind. He’s my warrior, my hero, and I love him with all my heart.