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Keeping the Faith

Liz A with her daugther Emma



Submitted by:
Tom Albertson

Elizabeth Albertson was diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma in February 2013. After an initial biopsy, Dr. Silbergeld gave her 7-18 months to live. The cancer was inoperable. The doctors at UWMC offered courses in radiation treatment and chemotherapy. Liz began radiation and chemo, but never accepted her ‘impending death’. Now in 2017 she is alive and recovering her short term memory loss and general weakness. She has exceeded her initial diagnosis and is just a couple years away from being considered as ‘cured’. She has infinite thanks for the nurses and doctors and staff in Radiation, the Infusion Center, and the Alvord Brain Cancer Center at UWMC for the care and treatment she received. Along the way, Liz lost her older sister Dr. Marguerite McNeely to the same Grade IV Glioblastoma, but is somewhat heartened by the news that her own survival may be due to a Methylated MGMT enzyme present in her system that allowed chemo to be successful. Liz is the love of my life and an inspiration to her friends and family, and I hope that others diagnosed with glioblastoma can draw inspiration from her story.