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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Laura Baker

Emma’s journey began 1/29/18 with a trip to the ER for a back spasm with transient numbness. Little did we know within 12 hours of the scan to “check things” out she would be in the OR for tumor resection. She sailed through a few days in the hospital and two weeks later the doctors called and delivered the devastating diagnosis of GBM. Emma was born to change the world, to move mountains and thus our rally cry. Our family & friends united behind us with prayers and support. 1 month after surgery she started 6 weeks of radiation and daily chemo. Of course in true Emma form she didn’t let cancer slow her much, her high expectations of herself never wavered. She was determined to fight cancer and still maintain her 4.0 GPA in honors courses. Her sophomore year was full of chemo and appointments. Fatigue and complications present did not stop her. She still maintains her perfect GPA and now is a new member of National Honors Society. She started finding ways to give back so loves to volunteer. She is moving mountains every day and inspires us all.