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Keeping the Faith



Submitted by:
Deborah Carroll

Erika Butler is the most faithful person we have ever met. She embodies it in every facet of her life. She has always taken care of her mind, body, and soul. She prays, she reflects, and she loves with every ounce of her being. She does not have a mean bone in her body. . . unless you steal her beachside lounger, but that’s a nomination for another day. Erika is a 48 year old woman, beautiful and strong, inside and out. Erika was diagnosed, at age 47, in the summer of 2023 with glioblastoma,  a stage 4, incurable brain cancer. This diagnosis stopped us all in our tracks. But it did not stop Erika. She was ready to fight! She knew she had so much left to do in this life, and she knew there was a lot of work and love to spread in order to accomplish the kind of legacy she wants to leave behind. But first she had to get that pesky tumor out, which happened just a few days later.

This cancer is not for the faint of heart. Unfortunately, for glioblastoma, it met its match. Erika may be one of the sweetest, nicest, most loving people you’ll ever meet, but she’s fighting this cancer with fierce grit, resolve, and faith like we have never seen in a human before. Additionally, she has an amazing network of friends who have been by her side from the onset. This is a testament to the way she has been an amazing friend to others. An unexpected outcome of Erika’s battle is the way it has brought her friends together. Though they had never met before, her friends have formed new relationships with one another, united in their support for Erika.

Erika is a strong woman who cares deeply about service and the well-being of others. She has been recognized for this by her Company, where she has dedicated 20 years of her career. She has a remarkable ability to stay the course with her faith, regardless of her circumstances. On tough days, she leans on her faith to get her through, and her unwavering devotion is a source of strength and inspiration for those around her. She has maintained her humor through all of this, using laughter to bring light to some of the most difficult situations. She even jokes about the house she drove through, a mere side effect of this disease. Don’t worry, no one inside the house was hurt, so it’s okay for her to joke about it.

Since her diagnosis, Erika has not slowed down. Well maybe a little, if you ask her, but she has done remarkable things, including travel, planning, intense treatments, and growing both new and existing relationships with others and God.

Erika has made it a point to find joy every day and asked that others please share that with her. In her words, “Beauty doesn’t stop happening in situations like this. Laughter doesn’t stop. Life doesn’t stop. And in my case, all of the intense feelings of joy, laughter, and peace are amplified, and it is an amazing place to be. Your laughter and stories fill my soul. Let’s continue to be life filling for each other.”

Her battle with glioblastoma has been difficult, but her faith has never wavered. Erika is a shining example of what it means to keep the faith, and we are each honored to have her be such a shining star in our lives and to nominate her for this award.

With all of our love and support,

Dana, Deb, Krista, and Marci