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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Erin Matheny

Gabe is a loving, healthy, young, father of two. As an EMT, his entire career was focused around helping others. Until June 11th, 2016 when he had his first seizure while walking through Kohls. At first the ER said he had a small brain bleed, after being transported to another hospital an MRI revealed he actually had a cluster of tumors. Surgery 4 days after his seizure revealed a stage 4 glioblastoma multiform. He has since continued to battle with radiation, chemo, and as a result head pressure/swelling causing more seizures. His scan in December showed the treatment was not enough and potentially a new tumor was growing, so Dr. Stark-Vance started him on Avastin. His first scan after Avastin showed tremendous improvement and reduction in swelling. The new area of concern was shrinking and the Head pressure was gone. He is continuing to fight but we have hope to finish treatments at the end of June. He is strong and courageous for our children, and for me.