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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Mindy Naumann

My dad told us at 9 o’clock on a Friday night that he thought he had had a stroke two weeks ago. Fast forward to Monday morning, primary care doc, then the ER to have a CT completed. I knew we would have results after the CT was done. The results came back as a golf ball sized brain tumor. Oddly enough I was happy because we know how to handle brain tumors since I had my brain tumor removed by Dr. Jack Rock at Henry Ford in 2015. (Hence my team name Rock Stars.) The results of the CT came back around six or 7 o’clock at night and within seconds I was on the phone with Lisa at Henry Ford explaining what was going on and trying to transfer my dad so the surgery can be completed. Because of Covid and a few other complications we weren’t able to get my dad transferred yet but I was able to pick a Henry Ford trained surgeon to complete his first surgery. That was October 2020. My dad is now on brain surgery number three as of July 2021, surgery number two and number three being completed by Dr. Lee at Henry Ford. Every moment of the way we have been in constant contact with either Lisa or Dr. Lee or his oncologist who was handpicked by Lisa! I sat down the other day to count how many times my dad has been hospitalized, meaning an overnight stay, since this has all started in October. I basically counted 10 times of hospitalizations. I’ve described my dad as Murphy’s Law during this whole process, almost everything that can go wrong seems to have gone wrong. Oddly enough the brain surgeries for us are the easiest and least stressful things to go through. My dad has gone through blood clots, pulmonary embolism‘s, C Diff, allergic reactions, etc, all resulting in trips to the ER and countless hospitalizations. Through it all my dad has remained very optimistic and completely happy while being under the care of Henry Ford doctors. I have been the biggest fan of Henry Ford since my surgery and now my dad is the second biggest fan of Henry Ford.