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Keeping the Faith



De luna

My HERO doesn’t wear a cape, but what he does wear is a Scar on his head. On Sept 21st of 2014 our lives got turned upside down. My brother went to the emergency because he was suffering from headaches and other symptoms unbeknownst to us. There at the emergency we were told a cat scan showed some sort of mass and he would have to be admitted to St. Luke’s. Four days later on Sept 25 he went in for surgery to relieve swelling in the brain and to do a biopsy. Test reveled he had Astrcytoma Grade 3. How could this be possible? At the age of 36 a otherwise healthy man was now being told he would have to do chemo and radiation . When Dr. Floyd came into our lives and told us that he felt certain that he could go in and remove 75% of the tumor . Knowing the possible risk of memory loss and even some motor skills my brother still went for it. He was thinking of his 2 kids Anyssa and Peter. The sooner he had this tumor removed the sooner he could get back to work . On Oct 9th The surgery went extremely well and Dr. Floyd was able to remove 95% of the tumor. A day later he went home. Although he has had 4 seizure’s and Surgery on his brain twice, he never lost his Faith. And he never lost our Support . Friends, family, coworkers have been there for him and his kids. Faith matters ! Don’t give up! Find a cure. Along with radiation and chemo the tumor is now gone. Even through his darkest hours, my brother never gave up. In fact I believe coming out of this has made him a stronger man and realize his own self worth. Sometimes you just have to Let Go of your worries and Let your Faith guide you. I’m excited to report that his past week his MRI shows no signs of a tumor and he will be returning to work on Oct 1st. What better way to kick off his back to work party than to walk in Head For The Cure!! He might be just one person in a sea of people but George Matter{s} to me!!!