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Keeping the Faith




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Meet Gina Dunard and her beautiful daughter Olivia. Gina was diagnosed with brain cancer in July of 2013. Since then, she has weathered 2 major surgeries, 6 weeks of radiation and is now receiving her second round of chemotherapy.
Gina inspires me because, although this disease is daunting, she continues to live a full life being a great mom,loving wife, caring friend and works full time as a case manager, linking people with intellectual disabilities to resources.She kept working during all the treatments, but was also able to spend some quality travel time with her husband Mike and Olivia and making memories for all of them.
She has faced each step with courage and her matter of fact approach to life is evident in this day by day trial she and her family are encountering.
She has shared a lot of her story in a blog that helps us all to know her better and to share in her life in any way we can.Gina’s determination to live a full life is a tribute to her and those of us who are fortunate to spend time with her are truly honored and blessed to be a part of her life.

* February 6, 2015 we began honoring the memory of Gina.