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Keeping the Faith




Greg was diagnosed in April 2014 with Glioblastoma, Stage 4 and a very aggressive brain cancer, after undergoing brain surgery to remove the tumor. Greg’s treatment consisted of 8 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy at Baylor Medical in Dallas, TX. He is continuing his treatments in Dallas and home (Miami, OK) in efforts to inhibit the growth of any additional tumors. Greg has maintained his faith in the face of incredible odds against him. As you can see, he is devoted to his family from the picture. We have known Greg and his entire family including his parents for 30+ years. We continue to be inspired by Greg’s battle to overcome the disease and become cancer free. Greg is most deserving of the honor and represents a guy with a huge heart and a very supportive family and friends network in a small town in SE Kansas!! John Goodwin Friend of Harry and Kris Campbell