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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Judy Walker

On 11/2015, I took my husband, Greg, to the ER because he had headaches and had a few fender benders. They did a CT Scan and it showed alot of swelling and a brain shift. The ER had Greg transported to the Barnes Jewish in St. Louis. MRI showed a 6 cm tumor in the right temporal lobe. He had a resection 2 days later and was told the tumor was a Stage IV, GBM tumor. In 12/2015, he started radiation and chemotherapy. MRI’s were done and no progression was seen. After his first treatment cycle, Greg and I were willing to try a clinical study involving temodar and another drug. Started the clinical in 3/2016. MRIs were coming back with no progression. In 7/2016, Greg was showing signs of weakness on his left side. On 7/25/16 we saw his oncologist and when she saw his condition, she ordered a CT scan and MRI. Again, as we do in his family, began to pray to Father Kapaun and ask him to intercede that there is no tumor found. MRI came back and it showed he had edema, which caused the brain to shift and caused his left side weakness. Greg went into rehab to learn to use his left arm and leg again. After rehab, Greg and I decided to move from St. Louis to Wichita so he could be closer to his family. Two days after we moved, Greg had two grand mal seizures in one day. Took him to ER. His new onocologist said it was from his Dr. in St. Louis switching his antiseizure meds. He put Greg back on the old meds and started him on chemo. A family member got us connected with KU Med center in Kansas city to try another clinical study. Started study on 11/2016 but showed a slight progression in 5/2017 which pulled him from the study. Greg is now on a treatment called Optune. Going on almost two years after his diagnosis, Greg has showed his family that he is not going to let cancer win! We are “Keeping the Faith” for Greg and everyone who has brain cancer that a cure if found! Greg is my Rock! and that is why I nominate him for the “Keeping the Faith” award!