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Keeping the Faith

Gwen (2)



Submitted by:
Brenda Dominguez

Gwen is now a 3-year survivor of a GBM Grade IV. Years of headaches escalated in January 2017 and at 31 years old, Gwen was flown to Phoenix where she diagnosed with a 3.5-inch GBM and underwent surgery to remove her right frontal lobe. By the grace of God, Gwen does not have any long term effects from the lobe removal. She has had one round of radiation and chemo. Gwen is allergic to Temozolomide and has not had any more treatments. Numerous hospital admittances for platelet and hemoglobin transfusions, severe reactions to medications and other complications made the hospital a revolving door. She did wear the Optune cap for 5 months before she developed meningitis. Her right bone flap had to be removed. Gwen had a synthetic bone flap implant in December 2017, but after trying the drug Avastin, the incision opened up and the 4th brain surgery in 16 months was to remove the plate. Other than migraines, Gwen has been doing very good since April 2018. Recent MRI’s show no indication the cancer is growing. Gwen has and still is working as much as she can for the USFS in Safford, AZ. Gwen is loved by family, friends, and co-workers and has all our support.