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Keeping the Faith




Hillary is a friend my husband and I met through tailgating at the UT longhorn games. Her smile and fun-loving attitude instantly makes you feel comfortable as if you have been lifetime friends. Even after being diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor that some doctors said was untreatable, she has courageously fought to extend her life with her husband and two young boys. Against all odds, she has beaten the remaining life expectancy that doctors predicted. Her optimism puts life into perspective for anyone touched by her story. Although she can no longer work or drive due to the impairments caused by the tumor, she continues to devote all of herself to raising her boys and doing anything she can to enrich the lives of others. The chemo and radiation that Hillary has undergone have stopped the growth of the tumor for now, but due to the location of the tumor, it is inoperable. Regardless of the prognosis, Hillary’s spirit continues to amaze everyone around her. This award would be a reminder to Hillary, her husband, her boys, and all of her support team at the race that brain cancer does not define you.