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Keeping the Faith

Jason Dugdale photo3



Six people submitted nominations for Jason because they were so inspired by the way he has lived his life both pre- and post-brain tumor diagnosis. His journey is remarkable and his courage extraordinary.

Jason was 34 when he was diagnosed with a Grade 3 Oligoastrocytoma after suffering a Gran Mal seizure in his parking garage on the way to the gym with his wife. Fortunately, the car wreck wasn’t on the busy street where he was headed, and that was the first sign to Jason that the Lord was looking out for him.

The MRI performed later that day revealed a tennis ball sized tumor on the left side of his brain, and he went into a 10-hour surgery 10 days later to remove the tumor. His surgeon told him that there was a possibility he would not regain use of his right side or be able to speak because of the tumor location. Jason definitely proved them wrong and was trying to talk and make jokes hours after his surgery and was walking within a week without the use of a cane. Jason’s sense of humor helped him through some pretty dark days.

Over the next six months Jason endured daily rehab treatments, and through it all, he kept a positive attitude and used his days at rehab to share his successes with others going through the same thing. He said he wanted to be an example for others that were coming in and facing the unknowns that he too had faced.

Jason’s wife reports that all of his MRIs have been better than the last and he was able to go through 19 rounds of chemo and 33 radiation treatments with minimal side effects and has been moved to a three-month MRI schedule.

He has been an inspiration to everyone that he meets. Jason participated in the inaugural Head for the Cure event last year in Frisco, and he led a team that was honored as one of the top 3 fundraisers, raising more than $4,500! His faith in God and a positive outlook have helped Jason through the unimaginable. His resilience and positivity is a true sign that Jason is “Keeping the Faith” through his ongoing journey.