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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Rachel Jensen

Jason was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma in April. After a radical surgery doctors were able to remove both cancerous tumors from his brain. Because of the severity of the disease, he must undergo rigorous treatments of both chemotherapy and radiation for months. A combination of the cancer and surgery has caused Jason to lose most of his vision. As a self employed craftsman, he depends on his sight to work. Without paychecks, the financial strain of his situation is fast growing. Besides day to day bills like a mortgage, utilities and groceries, because of his insurance, Jason also has to partially pay for his chemotherapy out of pocket. In this hard time we want him to focus on his quality of life and nothing more. The loss of Jason’s father to cancer in 2007 was enough for the family to endure. In his honor, and for future generations, Jason took part in a clinical trial that was unsuccessful. The tumors came back. He then went through another surgery to remove the returning tumors and is eligible for a different trial. Jason has the STRONG support from his girlfriend and family. With their help and his strength, he is keeping his energy level up and trying to stay active. I know receiving this recognition will HELP him stay STRONG!!! JASON STRONG!