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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Becky Herring

Jason Key is my older brother. He is 42 years old and lives in Rocky Mount, NC. He is a die-hard UNC Tarheels and Pittsburgh Steelers fan! In January of 2013 he started having severe headaches, issues with loss of balance, and some vision problems. An MRI was performed and he was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumor that doctors said was the size of a fist. He had surgery within days and the surgical staff was able to remove approximately 90% of the tumor. Chemo wafers were placed, and he was referred to the doctors in Chapel Hill. He underwent six weeks of radiation and Temodar chemotherapy, and then a year of maintenance chemo with the Temodar. Following the brain surgery, checkups and subsequent MRI’s were done every couple of months to monitor Jason’s condition. In June of this year, an MRI showed something, so a second brain surgery was performed. Radiation necrosis was found. Avastin treatments were started, and he gets those every three weeks. Shortly after his second surgery, Jason had some swelling at the surgery site. It was spinal fluid and he had to be admitted back to UNC Chapel Hill. He had a lumbar puncture done to drain the spinal fluid and after a week he was able to come back home. On 10/27/14 an MRI was done, and the doctor decided to start him on another chemo, Lomustine, which will start in a couple weeks. He will go back to Chapel Hill in February for another checkup and MRI. We are participating in the 1st Annual Raleigh NC Head For the Cure 5K together on November 8th. Looking forward to being able to do this with my brother!! Through everything Jason has remained so positive and upbeat, and always keeps a smile on his face. He is definitely the strongest man I know and my Hero! * August 18, 2015 we began honoring the memory of Jason.