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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Susie Hendee

My husband, Jed Hendee, was diagnosed with a brain tumor on June 2, 2014. A day we will never forget. At the time of diagnosis, he was the principal of the largest high school in our town. On this particular day, one week after school let out, he was walking down an empty hallway when he had a grand mal seizure. He was immediately taken to the hospital where they did a CT scan and found the tumor. We were fortunate enough to find an amazing surgeon at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ who performed his surgery. He was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme. Although his doctor thinks he got it all, we are still left with the unfortunate statistics that come with having a GBM. We decided to take our treatment to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. We travel for treatment every two months and that means he leaves his school and students behind. He has an amazing administrative staff that supports him while he is gone. Although there has not been a regrowth, he will always be a cancer patient. Because of the surgery to remove the tumor, he struggles with having seizures. He has had seizures on average of every 3-4 months. His most recent seizure comes almost 7 months from his last one and it occurred just this morning. Each seizure sets him back just a bit. Throughout all of his treatment, Jed remains positive and strong. He continues to be the principal at Las Cruces High School. He loves his job and is grateful that he can be at work again and this cancer has not stopped him. He is also a wonderful father and husband. Our “new normal” life consists of planning time for Jed to rest throughout the day. He must stay hydrated and try not to stress as much, which is difficult given his job. By doing these things, he can participate in the lives of our 20, 14, and 6 year old. All of this keeps us busy. We are extremely thankful for the treatment and care that is available to us. We will never lose our faith.