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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Becca dewees

My husband, Jeff was diagnosed 3 and a half years ago with a stage 2 Astrocytonoma that had to require brain surgery. They removed all of the tumor and didn’t recommend chemo or radiation due to how young he was. The doctors said it would come back. Said it could be 3 years. Could be 30. It came back in 2 years, and with a vengeance. This time a stage 4 glioblastoma. To diagnose required them to go into his brain again for a biopsy and it was, in fact what we feared. Another brain surgery required. This time with an intense round of chemo and radiation. He is an amazing husband and father to our beautiful 15 year old daughter. He does his best to keep a positive attitude and I am in awe everyday at his ability to smile and see the best in life. He still has maintenance chemo and frequent MRI’s. Due to the aggressiveness of his cancer he is, unfortunately not given very long to live. Only months. Our group will be running for him September 28th. The day before his 38th birthday. I want to make this year special seeing as it could very well be his last birthday with us.