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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Susan Carol

Jeni is an over eight-year survivor, having been diagnosed in early April of 2013 with a GBM4; the same tumor that had taken her father only two years prior, but doctors insist it’s just lightning striking twice. She is a more than full time Assistant Manager of a local Panera Bread café by day, and an avid DIY junkie by night. She sews, paints, prints, builds, designs and crafts whatever she can. Her latest important project was a lamp she built surrounding her dad’s urn. He loved garage sales, and one day he joked that when he died, he wanted to be bronzed and turned into a lamp so he could live forever going from garage sale to garage sale. To the dismay of a couple people, Jeni made this happen, but he will be staying with her until she too, enters the eternal garage sale cycle, ideally many years from now. She also loves the outdoors and adventurous activities like high ropes courses, zip lining, and even went skydiving for the first time recently! She self-published an autobiography of the first thirty years of her life titled “Nobody Loves a Farting Princess,” and she will happily give you a copy if you ask nicely as she loves telling her story and helping other cancer fighters!