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Keeping the Faith

Jenn and Jarod Skowron Crop

Jennifer and Jarod


Submitted by:
David Hilliard

What a wonderful Christmas in 2020 !! Jenn moves forward with her treatments and the GBM tumor has been held at bay for over 4 years now. She has been painting, scrapbooking, traveling and gardening this year. The phrase I came up with this year is “Daughter Happy, Daddy Happy”. A big part of the story is the support of Doctors, Nurses, Friends, Get Well Wishers and of course Family. I would like to make a part of this nomination about her husband Jarod. He has, from the very beginning, been by her side, sometimes leading, sometimes pushing, sometimes moving left or right, communicating, reading, calling, questioning, pausing, listening, smiling and laughing and making Jenn Happy. When you bring children into this world, in reality, parents pray most for health and happiness. We pray that they make good choices and that those around them make good choices. If they choose to marry, we hope that they are in a strong and Happy marriage. As Jenn’s father, I am so thankful for Jarod cause he makes Daughter Happy, Daddy Happy.