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Keeping the Faith


Jennifer Ann


Submitted by:
David Hilliard

At the age of 8 the words “Brain Cancer” first entered Jennifer’s life when she was told, “ your MOM has brain cancer”. At her mother’s side for her 19 year fight, Jennifer grew from a little girl to a loving and compassionate daughter, a best friend, a business partner and finally to a caregiver and witness to her mom’s journey. All of this experience made her stronger and more resolved to face adversity that comes with life. Along the way, at the age of 18, Jennifer was diagnosed with an astrocytoma. She drew strength from her mother, family and faith. She supported her mom’s vision of Seven Gifts of Kindness. She married a good man, Jarod. 2 years ago Jennifer was diagnosed with a GBM and just like her mom she continues to push forward with, as her Dr. says, “perfect patient syndrome” Everything is” OK”. She is currently fighting through some chemo treatments, enjoying her family and friends, she is, like many of you, a “Cancer Warrior”. She wishes good luck to all of you “ Cancer Warriors and Caregivers” alike and is planning to be at the Orlando event next year.