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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Sam Lee

When I first met Jenny I knew there was something special about her. You could immediately tell that she had a kind heart and a fierce determination in life. Through the years it has never been more apparent that she’s been the core to my world and I have been so grateful to have her in my world. This past year has been challenging enough with the pandemic, but Jenny had to go through a series of events, which included more rounds of chemotherapy for her brain tumor. I wouldn’t blame anyone from feeling a bit depressed from this news, but not Jenny. This made her even more determined to fight this terrible disease. She not only wanted to fight this for herself but for others so that hopefully in the future no one has to go through what she had to. Her drive to help people and organizations like Head for the Cure even in the midst of a global pandemic is part of her amazing ability to see the hope and joy in life. Her courageous efforts encourage everyone around her and push them in a positive direction to help themselves and others causing a domino effect of caring and love. For these reasons and more I’d like to nominate Jenny for the Keeping the Faith award.