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Keeping the Faith




Jessica is 27 years and a mother of 2 a wife of 3 years and an amazing best friend. Last September she started to get really bad headaches while pregnant with her daughter. They thought they were just with the pregnancy so didn’t think too much about them. Jess had been trying to get pregnant for over a year so we were all so excited. The headaches got so severe though she finally had an appointment to get a cat scan done. Before her appointment she ended up having a seizure while at work. After the scan they found out she had a brain tumor. The doctors were positive in wasn’t cancerous. We were so worried about her going through the surgery while pregnant with the baby she had so badly wanted. Never once did Jess have anything but positive things to say. She had a smile on her face every time I saw her. Her family support was amazing too. Both her parents and brother and his girlfriend with her every single night. The surgery went great with no complications but the doctor knew right away that is was a cancerous tumor. We were all just blown away. Even with this news Jess kept so positive and was ready to take this next journey and beat it. She was able to do chemo and radiation while pregnant. Everything went amazing. Her daughter Kora was born March 3rd 2014 absolutely perfect. Jess is still doing chemo and will be doing it for the next 2 years. Doctors say we need to kick it while its down. Jess is the most inspiring person I have ever met. Never once did she say why me. If I ever was feeling down about anything she was going through all I would have to do was see her and she would lift my spirits. She is an amazing woman going through all this with that beautiful smile on her face! I am positive she will beat this.