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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Kim Canova and Pam Kowalski

Our beautiful sister Jill Dillard was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme IV in Sept 2019, only four days after this picture was taken. Jill’s surgeon was able to remove 90% of her tumor leaving the remaining as to not risk permanent paralysis. She has undergone standard treatment of care which included 6 weeks of radiation, and chemotherapy, and remains on chemotherapy for the rest of the year. She started wearing the Optune device in February, which has been a hard adjustment, but Jill will use every weapon made available to her in order to fight this horrible disease. At the time of her diagnosis, Jill was a very active member of Camp Gladiator. Her physical fitness played a large role in her recovery after surgery and currently in physical therapy to regain the mobility of her right side. Jill’s unwavering strength and determination has been at the forefront of this journey. Her faith in our Lord, and the support of her friends and family who love her dearly, walk alongside her throughout this journey to remind her that we will never stop fighting for a cure and that she is never alone.