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Keeping the Faith




Jim lived a beautiful and dignified life for sixty-six years and eight days. My dad meant many different things to many different people throughout his truly amazing life. But most importantly, my dad was the love of my mother’s life and she was the love of his life. This love enabled them both to lead their very best lives, even after my dad’s diagnosis with glioblastoma.

He had a passion for television news and he spent every single working day doing what he loved most. And although the news was his professional passion, his family was his true passion. My sister Brett and I were the first to know how happy or excited he was with our successes in life and we were also the first to know how angry or disappointed he was when we did not quite live up to his expectations. And as many people who knew my dad can attest, my dad expected nothing but the very best. This expectation of his inspired us to be better people because there was never any gray area to contend with. It made us think a little bit harder about something before plunging in.

My dad was present when each of his grandchildren came into this world and was able to hear each of them call him “Pops” and to know and feel how much they all love him. His grandchildren were the loves of his life and through all of us they will continue to know and love their “Pops.”

With all of his smartness and elegance, he was also quite hilarious. His stories would have you in stitches and his laughter could be heard from the other end of the house. Seeing his smile and hearing his laugh would make your day better. My dad was an expert at life. An expert at living in the moment, never looking too far back or forward, and loving his family with all of his heart because he knew that family is all you really have in the end.

Jim passed away earlier this month, but his presence is strong today with his family and friends here in his memory.