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Keeping the Faith

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Jim’s first cancer diagnosis in 1999 was a nasopharyngeal malignancy. In July of 2013, he had a stroke that paralyzed him on his left side and led to the diagnosis of a brain tumor. After surgery at the UNC Hospital that removed 80-90% of the tumor, he started physical therapy at Twin Lakes in Burlington. His persistence and hard work each day paid off because he now has regained use of his left arm and leg. He also had the great fortune to be assigned to Dr. Jing Wu, a neuro-oncologist at the UNC Cancer Hospital. In addition to giving Jim the best care and treatment possible, Dr. Wu demonstrates compassion and genuine concern for Jim that we so value and appreciate. Both Dr. Wu and her nurse navigator, Sonja Henretty, are blessings in our lives. The people who work in the UNC Hospital radiation department, lab, MRI area, ER, and infusion center all demonstrate both competence and thoughtful care and attention. Although Jim has not been able to play golf since last summer, he has never complained although I know how much he misses golf and time with his golfing friends. Even with changes that might be devastating to some people, the man Jim is has not changed. He is still optimistic, he still smiles and laughs, and he still enjoys being with friends and family. He still shows courage and determination and persistence that I daily admire and envy. He never complains or whines. He never forgets to thank people; he continues to show kindness and patience when others might not. We have learned that every day with the people we love is a blessing, and I am most fortunate to enjoy every day with Jim, my husband, who has shown me more love than I ever imagined possible. Loving him is easy. Changes have occurred in our lives, but Jim Daye is still the person he has always been, a person worthy of respect and emulation. * January 10, 2015 we began honoring the memory of Jim.