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Keeping the Faith

Jordan Picture



Submitted by:
Amanda Hale

Jordan was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma in 2013 at the age of 17.  She quickly underwent a craniotomy to resect the tumor, followed by Chemotherapy and Radiation.  The journey to recovery would not be an easy one.  She endured three months of physical therapy from left sided paralysis, as a result from surgery, and then had to re-learn to walk along with other everyday life skills again.  

Throughout this journey, Jordan remained positive and upbeat.  Because of her determination she was able to play in her final volleyball game and run track despite what she had been told by her doctors.  Those that know Jordan know that her positivity and determination do not waiver.  This last August, the day after the Head for the Cure race, Jordan suffered a seizure, and soon found out that she would be facing the same journey again, except this time the tumors are more aggressive.  Options for treatments seem unsure, and after seeing many doctors, the hopes of treatment change from day to day.  

Jordan remains hopeful, positive, and continues to fight.  Anyone who knows Jordan, knows she is not a quitter, and will continue to fight regardless of what anyone says or what she may face.  Watching her to continue to live her life, enjoying her Dr. Pepper, and remaining an inspiration to all those around her, is why Jordan represents the Keeping the Faith spirit to the fullest.  There is one thing for sure that the fighter will always remain!

Jordan’s long and courageous battle with brain cancer ended on March 13th, 2016.