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Keeping the Faith

Josh E



Submitted by:
Autumn endrizzi

In 2016, Josh was having issues with pressure in his ears and headaches. The ENT doctor ordered an MRI and found a spot on his brain. For two years doctors monitored the spot, until it started growing. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and sent to Barnes in St. Louis. Not one time did his faith falter. He said, “This is just a new journey God has for me, and I’m excited to see God work.” The doctors at Barnes agreed it looked like a slow growing tumor and laser ablation would be the best option because of the location of the tumor. June 2018, Josh had the laser surgery and 85% of the tumor was removed, only staying one night in the hospital! The follow up appointment we received shocking news, that the biopsy revealed his tumor was malignant and he had what’s called Anaplastic astrocytoma 3. He completed 6 weeks of radiation and chemo, traveling 2 hours each way from our home. Once that was done he completed 6 months of chemo. He continues to work 50+ hours a week to support his family, attends church and serves faithfully, while the doctors continue to monitor his tumor with bimonthly MRIs. His faith, bravery, and work ethic through it all has been an encouragement to all those around him. It’s hard to believe he has brain cancer, he lives each day to the fullest with no complaints.