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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Jenna Hearndon

I met my husband when I was fourteen and he was sixteen but I have actually known of him since elementary school. We grew up together in the same town and we attended the same schools. We started dating in high school. Once graduated, he went on to serve the Navy while I stayed behind to go to college. We got married in 2011 after he completed three different deployments, one being to Afghanistan and Iraq. We moved to Sicily, Italy right after marriage so he could start working in his second command. Towards the end of his time there, he started having symptoms of Chrons disease. He was diagnosed in September 2014 and stared treatment. Two days after starting the treatment, he had two grand mal seizures. They medically evacuated us out of Sicily to Walter Reed in Bethesda Maryland. While there he was diagnosed with stage two Gliomatosis Cerebri. He did three months of radiation and then completed 12 months of temozolomide. He was stable for 10 months after completing the regiment before they found a new tumor. In the middle of all of this. he was also working on getting out the Navy. He retired at 10 years of service and we moved back home to Florida. He started a new regiment, PCV chemotherapy and was able to do that for six months. The most recent MRI showed the growth growing at a rapid rate. They did a biopsy and results came back as stage IV Glioblastoma. He is currently undergoing treatment using Avastin and the Novocure device. My husband has been through hell and back. I have seen him at his highest of highs and his lowest of lows. Through it all though, he’s never lost his determination or his sense of humor. He takes every treatment with a huge sense of optimism. He lives every day to the fullest and is always making sure that I am taking care of myself. Every day I am in awe of his determination to continue to fight. He is my hero in every sense of the word and I pray everyday for a cure.