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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Lisa Haas and Brenda Phillips

Judith Hayes was diagnosed in October 2016 with a glioblastoma brain tumor. Following surgery, she ha​d​ radiation and chemo treatments. Judith has always been a bubbly, positive person, and brain cancer has not changed that one bit. She will greet strangers with a hug, not a handshake, and she loves the opportunity to kick back and have a good time with down-to-earth people. She is certainly one herself. Judith hasn’t focused on the downside of treatment, like scars and hair loss, and also a second surgery earlier this month…but has focused instead on the upside of the outpouring of love and support from her family – husband Jerry and daughters, Jocelyn and Justine – and her extensive group of loyal friends. Many are here today, sporting purple tutus – purple being Judith’s favorite color, and also the school color for K-State where both of her daughters attend college. Judith has maintained a positive attitude throughout this unexpected journey, inspiring her family and friends. If anyone could be described as “keeping the faith,” it’s Judith Hayes.