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Keeping the Faith


Julio K.


Submitted by:
Ximena Egoavil

Julio Wiesse, came from Peru with many dreams on mind. He worked very hard day by day making sure he was a good provider for our family. He used to work for the Postal Office until he was diagnosed in December 2017. Our fight has been very challenging because we do not have family support in the US. Our lives changed from day to night in all aspects after his diagnosed. Our faith in God is what is driven us together in this journey. I am proud of him for all he is doing for our family regardless of the treatment he is going through. He is a great human being very humble and passion for his family. This running experience is a way for me as his wife to tell him how proud I feel to have a husband,friend and father of out children. Thank you very much! Te amo mi vida!