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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Michelle Rone

Where to begin…. This is Brie. She is the mother to Haegan, a 5 year old Type one diabetic and Aubrey, her 3 year old daughter who is Autistic. Brie’s husband, Matt is in the air force. Brie was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma Brain Tumor. It was the size of a grapefruit and was pushing on her temporal lobe. She underwent brain surgery and had over 90% of it removed and completed proton radiation. All this time with a smile on her face and staying strong for her babies and family. Her body withstood swelling from the steroids, seizures from another medication, vomiting, and many other obstacles she overcame and is still battling. Along with her own medical needs (including 17 appointments until May) she also had medical appointments for Haegan’s diabetes. Brie watched in awe as Haegan walked into his first day of Kindergarten on August 22nd and she was there to witness it. Aubrey and Haegan have begun gymnastics. Her children and family are her world. One day that stood out was March 3, 2016 when Haegan saw his Mom for the first time after her brain surgery. He witnessed the massive incision and staples in her head or the day Aubrey came back from California after being with her grandparents and missing her momma so much. Brie is one strong person. Everything she has overcome. She is not only a hero to me but a face for survivors to look to in a time of darkness and know that there is light and to continue fighting.