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Keeping the Faith




I am nominating my son, Kaleb Sapp, for the Keeping the Faith Award. Kaleb has faced many obstacles since diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. He has been fighting this form of brain cancer since September of 2012. Once the brain tumor was found, brain surgery immediately took place leaving Kaleb with new challenges to face. He would then learn to walk and swallow all over again. He would then train his eye muscles to be aligned correctly so that he was not experiencing double vision. He would go on to begin speech, occupational, and physical therapy. He would do all these things while receiving intense chemotherapy for 4 months. Although the chemo drugs seemed to be working, long term side effectes from them were already affecting him. Kaleb now has high frequency hearing loss. Second phase of this treatment plan included local radiation to the tumor site. Once Kaleb finished that, he started maintence chemotherapy. Despite having all of that treatment, new areas of cancer were found in his brain, on his spine, and in his spinal fluid 9 months later. As heartbreaking as it was, Kaleb had too much fight in him to give up. He started a new treatment plan which consisted of radiation to the whole brain and spine with boosts to areas of disease. Kaleb woke up every day at 6 AM, Monday-Friday, for 6 and a half weeks to endure radiation yet again. This time around took 5 months for the cancer to appear on his MRI scans. He continues to fight and remain strong while on his third treatment plan. Autologous Stem Cell Transplan is the new plan. He has currently finished 3 cycles of chemo and will complete 2 more before undergoing the transplant. Kaleb has done all this without complaining and with a smile. He does not worry because he continues to keep faith and remember that he IS Superman in the flesh. He CAN overcome it all. Not only does he keep on but he also inspires many. He is turning his test into a testimony.