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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Lauryn Fatula

My mother was diagnosed with stage 2 Oliogodendroglioma located in her brain, almost 8 years ago on October 27, 2011. She went through many tests, MRI’s, a surgery and chemotherapy. The surgery however was only successful in removing 30% of the tumor. Through all the trials life has given my mom, she continues to support my sister and I with everything we do. She takes us to every dance practice, performance, party or competition…she truly is a dance mom! She is the best wife, mom, daughter, cousin, aunt, friend, or acquaintance anyone could ask for. My mom cares about everyone and loves to support others walk through their diagnosis along with daily fears and hardships. She always chooses others over herself while striving to be a light for anyone who might need it. She serves on the board of Be Head Strong and continues to faithfully share her relentless message of “No One Journey’s Alone” to everyone she meets. Ten years ago my mom turned that message into a team name for Head For The Cure. Since then more and more people get to receive her message and take it to share with others. I love my mom so much and am beyond grateful for her, and I know she will always ‘keep the faith’ no matter what she is going through.